Sardar Patel National Memorial

6 Jul

Sardar Patel National Memorial

Location: Near Shahibaugh in Ahmedabad
Dedicated to: Great freedom fighter named Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


As the name suggests, Sardar Patel national memorial was established in the memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was a great freedom fighter. Located in the environs of Shahibaugh in Ahmedabad, Sardar Patel national memorial museum is also known as Moti Shah Mahal. The museum houses various portraits of Sardar Patel, his family members and friends. You can also find the biography of Sardar Patel in the museum, which contains a detailed description of all the phases of his life.

A major attraction of the Sardar Patel national memorial museum in Ahmedabad consists of the national flag that was designed by the Indian National Congress in 1930 -1931. In the surroundings of the museum, lies a garden called Sardar Open Garden. The best thing about the garden is that, here you can get to see the peacocks (our national bird) roaming freely. Monkeys can also be commonly seen, so just be a little careful. Besides the museum and garden, there is also the Sardar Open Air Theatre, where documentary films are shown during specific occasions.



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