Visiting USA

15 Feb

Visiting USA always been special and as there are so much to explore in USA there is no such way that a person completes the tour without being enchanted by the beauty of the place. USA is often termed as the man made heaven and has every right to retain the title. If you are in mood to explore this wonderful city and don’t know which place you should explore first, don’t worry I will help you out in selecting the places. Following are the some places in United States of America which you must explore.

  1. You should visit Mackinac Island which is situated between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. On Mackinac Island you don’t have the luxury of cars but you will have a horse and buggy or a bicycle. With so much to see you can start with Old fort Mackinac where British and American soldiers once fought to control the Northwest Territories. There are many sights and activities for the whole family on Mackinac Island, take your family back in time it’s defiantly an adventure worth checking out.
  2. Another neat place to visit is a natural and man made is the graveyard of the Atlantic, or CapeHatteras. Many years ago on the very shores of North Carolina and Virginia Captain Black Beard sailed and attacked any ships that came into sight. They stole cargo and scared the local. On this very coast Black Beard was killed now it’s called Cape Hatteras Recreation Area. Along the shores of CapeHatteras the waters are shallow and have swallowed many of ships, to this day hundreds of ship wrecks lay on the sandy beaches. So to visit the place where black beard once ruled and then died and you want to see a graveyard of ships this is defiantly a cool place to take a vacation. And if you don’t care much about the ship wrecks the beach is just as fabulous on hot summer days.
  3. You will find an authentic Indian Village in Oklahoma. The Indians have built everything here from the grass houses to the fine art. Tours are held teaching about the customs of different tribes, Indian dances and feasts are held. Learn about their clothing, tools, musical instruments and more. Meet the ancestors of those who were here first see what life was like before big cities and stone houses. This is a very interesting place to visit, defiantly for the kids.
  4. Next place you must visit if you are adventure lover. I’m talking about heading south to the vast and mysterious Okefenokee Swamp. The swamps provide a shelter for thousands of plants and animal who find sanctuary in the many lakes, islands and wetlands. There is still mystery in the Okefenokee some say you can hear the echoes of ancient reptiles that once roamed, or perhaps still do. Whatever you believe this place is magical yes it’s full of bugs, frogs and alligators, but it’s pure and raw beautiful nature.
  5. The final place I think everyone should visit is the Grand Canyon. I strongly recommend you this place because it is truly a natural wonder of the world. Its breath taking views makes you feel connected to the world like no other place. If you are in a healthy state of life that you and your family should take some of the many tours both hiking rafting the river are fun and exhilarating. See one of the wonders of the natural world right here in the USA take you family and have some fun.

I suggest you should come here with the ones you love, and spending time together in places full of beauty and excitement makes life worth living. You don’t need to spend so much time on travelling as you have plenty of options to see in the area you live. Enjoy spending time here and I am quite sure once you visit the place you will love to be here


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