Tips to choose travel agent for hajj

2 Feb


Going for Hajj is a dream of every Muslim.  Every Muslim has his desire to go for hajj and for making it a memorable journey many travel agents and companies are working. You can choose any travel agent for Hajj.  A travel agent who is making your dreams come true can convert it into a nightmare.  You have to be cautious before choosing a travel agent for hajj.  Following are few tips to choose agents for hajj and ask these things before finalizing a travel agent for hajj

  • Ask him to give a fuill details on the visit of hajj, ask him the dates are flexible or not?  After getting answers for this question. Ask him to give all the details on paper.
  • Ask him about them stay at Makka and Madina and also the distance between your staying place and haram ash shareef. If the distance is more than 15 minutes of walking ask him to provide transportation and if the transportation is given ask him is it available all time or for a particular time.
  • Is your travel agent is providing you a representative if not ask him to provide one. That representative should know the traditions and rules of macca and madina.
  • Ask him to provide interpreter who is convergent with Arabic language so that he can help you in dealing with local persons.
  • Don’t forget to have an additional expense rate from your travel agent for hajj. Like if you are hiring a taxi or prepaid buses how much will it cost?

This will be a good practice to ask him before finalizing a travel agent. For more details and enquiry about travel agent for hajj you can go on –


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