Places you must watch in Pakistan

2 Feb

Known for homeland of terrorist and always in the hit list of anti-terrorist countries Pakistan is not known for the tourist destination. Suffered by the instable rule and having neighbors like Afghanistan and Iran this place always threatens the travellers. As I told you earlier Pakistan is not known for the tourist spots but if you are visiting there you can convert your visit to your tourist activity. Here are some places you must see on your visit to Pakistan.


Taxila – Situated at the short drive from Islamabad this place contains 18 world heritage sites but unfortunately 5 have been excavated. This place contains Persian, Greek Hindu traces as well as Buddhism. This is the place from which Buddhism start spreading. You can wander this beautiful places and to enjoy the solemnity of this place.

Lahore – if you want to live adages and interested in seeing old medieval time this place is just perfect for you. You will see horses, people dressed in typical medieval style and having an impression of old Mughal Town. Places are full of Mughal style building and you will enjoy staying here.

The Karakorum Highway – Surrounded by the Karakorum hills this place is just perfect to experience the pleasure of driving. This place contains Karakorum mountain peaks and quite capable of enthralling you for long time.

Lake Saiful Mulk and Karimabad- Situated in Hunza Valley Karimabad is favorite for shopping. Streets are full of shops and handicraft items. Once you start shopping you will not care about the time. You can visit Lake Saiful Mulk and you will be mesmerized by the view of the Saiful Mulk. Here you will get the chance to live fairy tales stories containing a guide weaving hot cloths.

Visit these places to make your Pakistan trip memorable.


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