Key things you should while you visit India

2 Feb

India is one of the hottest tourist destinations and visit India is always exciting thing to do. Traveller from all over the world is keen to see the land. If you are visiting first time in India and don’t know much about this place then don’t worry I am writing this article just for you. Coming to India is always not as easy as it looks and you have to prepare a lot before coming. Here are few things you should do when you visit India –


Plan your visit wisely – if you are planning to see complete India in one visit let me tell you that you can’t go see complete India in one tour. So it will be better that you plan as per your time. Best way to do this to start visit from Delhi followed by MP, Gujrat, Rajasthan, UP, Panjab, Jammu Kashmir and ends at Maharashtra. The only drawback of this plan is you will not able to see east India and south India so keep this direction remaining for your next visit.

Choose travel agent wisely – lots of peoples are working as a travel agent for Indian tours so you must be very careful. Ask him about complete staying facility returns tickets dates, local guides, and transportation. It is advisable to keep every detail on paper.


Be specific about what you want – here I means you should specific about where you want to go i.e. in terms of population. India ranked second in population and hence if you want to spent time alone then you must go Kerala or eastern part.

Be cautious about health – it is seen many visitors falling ill because of hot climate and lack of hygiene. It is advisable to keep drinking mineral water to avoid sun stroke and food poisoning. You can also go for medical checkup before coming to India.

Play safe in India- India is known for scams and frauds so if you are coming first time play safe. No need to believe stranger no matter how warm and friendly he is. Always make sure about your luggage and confirm the rates of prizes before buying it.

By keeping these things in your mind I am quite sure you will have a good experience of travelling in India.


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